Flow’s First Bite: Suplest Edge/3, Swiss Cycling Shoes

Flow’s First Bite: Suplest Edge/3, Swiss Cycling Shoes

May 13, 2016

Premium shoe manufacturers Suplest have walked into the Australian market with a fine selection of high end footwear designed and tested in Switzerland. We’ve got a couple pairs on review, let’s take a quick look at what we’re in for.

Suplest are little-known to us here in Australia, for good reason. The relatively young company based in Bern does only cycling shoes, catering solely for the high end of the market and they certainly have an eye for stylish design with all their shoes, road and mountain bike.

We have the Edge/3 Performance and Edge/3 Pro from their cross country range to get accustomed to, with a super-light construction and a carbon sole stiffer than a frozen Swiss cheese these guys are built for XC racing, there’s no doubt about it.

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