Introducing Patrick Seabase’s custom Suplest Road shoe

Introducing Patrick Seabase’s custom Suplest Road shoe

August 15, 2016

Introducing Patrick Seabase’s custom Suplest Road shoe, a study of Swiss style and attention to detail. We’ve snapped up the last few pairs, but they won’t last long …

Founded in 2007 in Berne, Switzerland by Robert Gehrig and Daniel Balmer, Suplest is proud of its Swiss heritage. A driving force behind the brand is the Swiss reputation for quality. Just like customers trust some of the country’s brands to produce the finest watches in the world, Suplest wants Switzerland to be known for making the finest cycling shoes in the world. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that has seen the brand win some loyal fans since its inception.

Robert (above left) and Daniel (right) came together through a passion for shoes and a love of cycling. Daniel’s family has a background in the shoe industry and he also worked previously as a product manager for a Swiss cycling brand. Robert is a designer and the one responsible for the look and feel of the shoe. The combined network they had in the shoe industry made the decision to launch the brand a lot easier.

“The Suplest brand name is adapted from the adjective: ‘supple’ — which means flexible and elastic,” Daniel said. “And the term: ‘souplesse’ – which has been borrowed by the cycling fraternity from the French vernacular to describe the perfect pedal stroke.”

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