Review – Pure Swiss, Suplest Streetracing Cycling Shoes

Review – Pure Swiss, Suplest Streetracing Cycling Shoes

March 09, 2016

You may not have heard of Suplest, the Swiss cycling shoe makers, but they’ve been around for almost a decade. They’ve only recently started reaching beyond the borders of the EU; you can get Suplest cycling shoes from two stores in Cape Town, South Africa and very shortly from retailers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Chile. This makes them hard to get in Australia right now… but it will only be a matter of time.

Switzerland prides itself on its shoe making craftsmanship and heritage, and Suplest embraces this tradition with their design principles of “Premium-ness, Swiss-ness and Simplicity”. At BNA, we have been in touch with Suplest since 2011 and following the release of their current range, we have organised to test their wares in our unique Australian cycling conditions.

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