Road CC review. EDGE3 PRO

Road CC review. EDGE3 PRO

May 08, 2017

Suplest's top-end Edge/3 Pro Road shoes feature a super-stiff sole, roomy toe box and an innovative foot protection system. Comfort is wonderful and the heel retention is perfect. The 'wipe clean' upper does mark easily, though, especially at the toe.

The first, and probably most notable feature of the Edge/3 is the upper. The 'Anatomic WRAP Tongue' is a two-piece construction that Suplest says 'allows a maximum foot hold and is comfortable at the same time'. An accurate description: the hold on my foot was excellent, with no movement apart from in the toe box.

It's made in Japan and constructed with breathability in mind, and that breathability is spot on. Wearing these on a cold day with no overshoes really highlighted the 'fantastic' airflow to my feet...

The thin construction of the upper allows it to really wrap around your foot, and after a few rides it formed permanently to the shape of my foot.


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