Suplest Edge/3 Pro road shoe review at

Suplest Edge/3 Pro road shoe review at

October 16, 2016

With its name on cycling shoes and nothing else, Suplest remains a relatively small brand in the cycling shoe market nearly a decade after its inception. The Edge/3 Pro is the brand’s latest top-tier road offering, a shoe that boasts a number of unique features – and some less unique – that help place it on equal footing among other premium cycling shoe options.

Premium race shoes these days are all extremely stiff underfoot and create an efficient connection to the pedals. Similarities in retention systems give even less to discuss, and with fit being so subjective, it can be difficult to articulate why one shoe is better than another. Still, David Rome found plenty to say about these Swiss-designed (Vietnamese-made) kicks.


The supple microfibre upper plays host to Suplest’s unique Carbon Shield construction with a woven aesthetic flowing on from the carbon sole. That Carbon Shield beneath the Boa wires helps to spread the tension load with a slippery, wear-resistant, and consistent surface, while also protecting the top of your foot from any uneven pressure. It’s a clever concept that should keep the shoe looking fresh for years to come.

Suplest integrates that feature into a wrap-around upper that does away with a conventional tongue. This sort of construction supposedly offers greater foot support while also offering a more precise fit. As an added bonus, the simplified layout makes for a shoe that’s also easier to get into.

The microfiber upper is perforated down the outside face, with mesh panels running the height of the foot on the inside. Another mesh panel appears above the toes, all of which should make for a well ventilated shoe. However, the Carbon Shield design does not breathe and so the tops of my socks did get sweaty on hot days, even with functional ventilation holes in the carbon sole.


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